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Even odds that you complain about pyro spec powertechs.

I tend to groan IRL when I see sents/marauders in group finder, because some of the most obnoxious ignorant people that rush ahead of the tank and generally make ADHD asses of themselves seem to favor the class.
You have no idea, how often I had to suffer, doing dailies (daily HM FP) with all these Marauders, I only have 1 guard and if I get grouped with 2 marauders, I'm totally screwed as a tank, unless they can control their urge to charge. I even went so far as to say "if you charge ahead of me again, I'll kick you" and just after I said that, the marauder charged the boss and I kicked him out :P. Blindness and no sense of self control. That is what most Marauder players have in common. That said, I have grouped with Marauders that didn't do the above things and actually let me pull, they were very good and effective. Everyone should play them like that.
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