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11.28.2012 , 12:16 AM | #17
Yeah, I was pretty underwhelmed with the clothing choices as well. Putting in a bunch of generic reskinned items is pretty lazy and keeping the look cross faction doesn't make up for it. People are looking for unique looks, especially when they are paying actual money for it. The store is still in it's infancy so I will give them the benefit of the doubt for now, but the new flight suit they just put in isn't inspiring much confidence. Palette swaps of common looking gear are boring and lazy and people aren't going to buy them as much.

Look at the cosmetics in Lotro. In their store they have a pretty robust selection of unique items that you can only get in their store. That's how you sell stuff. Make it look good, make it look like something that isn't in the game at the moment, and make it store only and people will buy it. It's not exactly complicated.