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Patch 1.5 saw changes in the way the GTN calculates its commission.
I wrote to the support team and told them of the issue only for the support team to come back with an explanation that shows that the people writing code do not have any idea about margins.
Here is the response from the support team:

I can advise that this is working as intended. Any item that sells successfully on th GTN will have a 10% cut removed from the total amount of the sale.
As an example, an item placed on the GTN with a buyout fee of 1000 credits and a duration of 1 day has a deposit fee of 130 credits. If the item does not sell within the time period, then the item and the 130 credits will be returned to the character. If the item sale is cancelled, the item is returned but the 130 credits will not be. If the item does sell, then 1130 credits will be returned but minus the GTN cut of 10%, resulting in 1017 credits being returned to the character from the sale of the item.

Clearly 113 credits is 11.3% of the 1000 credits that the item was sold for. The item did NOTsell for 1130 credits.
It is obvious that whoever wrote the code does not understand the concept of the sale price, margin etc. etc.
The GTN commission should be 10% of the sale price and NOT 10% of the sale & deposit.

Bioware..... please fix - this is just basic fundamental arithmetic....... I hope your people can grasp these concepts
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