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2 guilds empire side right? We have been going at Kephess for exactly 2 nights now and are having trouble with the 2 DPS and healers working in the field during warrior phase. painstakingly repeating the same deaths until people get used to what killed them. we will try a new strategy tonight... We were able to 2 shot the first 3 bosses when we attempted NiM EC the day before thanksgiving (with a more ranged lineup). But then swapped to a more melee lineup for kephess after the long weekend... and ironically it's been giving us more trouble. Will swap people and roles tonight and see if this group can handle certain situations better.
Check out our website if you want some insight on the fight. We have 2 videos from 2 different perspectives on the fight. Handling the warriors is by far the hardest part of that fight. You have to dps everything fairly quickly or everything stacks up on you. Especially after EC HM, where in between a much easier pack to deal with, our raid team got so use waiting no joke 10-20 seconds between each spawn. We like to tank the groups behind the walker because then we don't have to avoid the ground aoe. and have our 2 marauders take out the warriors out front, dancing to prevent getting hit.. After you get that down the rest of it isn't that bad, and you should be able to adjust on the fly. This whole op is tough, and very unforgiving, dps has to be stellar, and on point. I have to say it is refreshing though. Best of luck to your guilds progression through EC NiM and any other guilds progression. Fill free to talk to any of our officers for advice
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