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I understand. It's all cool. And I agree with you about Mefit. While he's made some good points, he's been pretty (at times) rude about it.
I think I am just more willing to post , but I can see maybe I should step back and let you all have at eachother.
Winning Forum battles is next to eating rotten apples in my book anyways .

And let me be honest , In the end ..............I am happy there are people like Rayle and Aurbere and BrandonMS on the forums .
I find myself missing ProfessorWalsh .
So , if I come off rude , yes I can admit it but no one else does .
If I come off like I do not like you(You as not in the Poster I am replying too but everyone) , you would be mistaken . I like everyone on these forums, and would miss them if the suddenly left.

Debats are useless if everyone agrees and what fun would that be.

There are things in our world that are debated about daily and they are fact and would seem beyond doubt , but neverless people never see facts as a one line , swing it how you like !
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