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Quote: Originally Posted by Selenial View Post
Don't we all like to arrive fashionably late from time to time
Yeh I posted on this thread a while ago, wanted to see how it wold go....

Apologies if it looked like my threat was aimed t anyone other than Mefit, because it was aimed at him.... I have read through the whole thing, and I admit, when I read your arguments I was quite impressed
But I think I'll stick with my views.... This revan topic can be and is going to be flamed for eternity by anyone who is intelligent enough to log into the Website and stupid enough to think they know ever thing about him because they played KoTOR, my comment was aimed at them, and the others who think it wise to Argue with Rayla/Aubere across every thread simply because it's them...
Like a certain someone on this thread has done on the past 3 story and lore thread I've looked at....
Wow Selenial , beem a bit since last time you have your guns ablazing at me . How you been ?
I don't think of you post that you made clear was about me as a threat , but go on

I played KotoR II also don't forget that . Have the Revan Novel amongst many other Novels and Comic as well .

I didn't know I had to just ignore their views and most often Biased Opinions and claims of canon when we all know Revan's Canons being their are very simple to remember being the lack of indeph story .

While Aurbere and Rayle............well most definitly Rayle might not see it , there is times I agree with them on many things .
Heck Rayle did a awesome Mace/Jackson Pulpfiction thread earlier this year that I still to this day think is probably the funniest thing on this very site.
Aurbere , I usually agree with on all things none Revan..........period

Maybe you missed my post , I get just as heated as they do and even yourself .
So please , go on , threaten me or whatever you call it .
Lastly I did not know because I do not agree to their views and opinions or sometimes use of Canon , that I had to move along like a Good Lilboy . I thought being a Member of SWTOR Community , and a Paying Customer loyal to the Sub and a avid StarWars Fan,...............well I also like alot other things outside of StarWars ..............I like StarTrek too , That I had the very same rights as yourself and everyone else on these forums.

Problem is , I would rather STICK TO MY GUNS on my views as you would yours and Aurbere his, and Rayle hers.
Them and yourself , well mainly not Aurbere ............but you , BrandonMS , Rayle ..............etc can be found on every Thread about on Revan , contesting every Post and calling people out on their either BS or Opinions or Canons they set forth .
You have that right , as I do too .
I never said Revan Mastered Light and Dark , and I do not believe that . I been called a Revan Fanboy, because I defend often people who like him . Revan is one of my top ten but hes at the bottom with my equal like of Meetra .

Nice to see you again Selenial
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