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This tale originally began in The Short Fic Weekly Challenge Thread (A Different Kind of Grace) without which it would have just stayed in my head and endlessly tormented me (I needed that prompt!). I'm going to try to further the story at least once a week but there's this pesky thing known as "real life" which tends to hamper me in every writing endeavor I undertake (addendum: I swear I'll try to lighten up a tad; so far this is grim stuff even for me, me being someone who generally writes a lot of grim stuff) (another addendum: chapters will be posted one by one in blocks of three for the time being; I'll try to keep an updated chapter+page reference below so readers- myself inclusive- don't have to hunt around)

Page 1
I: A Different Kind of Grace
II: Another Scar
III: Absence and Presence

Page 2
IV: People are Strange
V: A Night Out in the Madhouse
VI: The Nature of Chains

Page 3
VII: Looking Sideways
VIII: Unmasking
IX: Chokepoints

Page 4
X: Pale Blue
XI: Just Walk Away
XII: Gradations

Page 5
XIII: Convivial Dis-ease
XIV: All That Matters

(soooo much thanks and <3 to Hoyden for a proper index )

*****Spoilers thus far = Jedi Knight, Imperial Agent, Smuggler, Sith Inquisitor (mild)*****

I: A Different Kind of Grace


II: Another Scar


III: Absence and Presence
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