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The tuskan argument doesn't make sense. Padme doesn't know anything about them other than they kidnapped Anakin's mother. For all she knows, their sentience could be at the level of gorillas. Anakin slaughtered an entire tribe of what she probably thinks are animals. While it would be off-putting, it would be understandable given his emotional state.
His words and tone to her would of made it plain as day to anyone, even lacking knowledge in the specifics that he just slaughtered an entire tribe and indigenous sentients.

You don't use the term 'like animals' to describe a mere animals behavior it is ONLY used to describe an intelligent being acting less evolved.

By staying silent she hurt anakin more than help and was rather obvious the dumb thing to do rather than go and tell obi wan "I think Anakin needs help he's holding in alot of anger." Even if one accepts an arguement of padme just thinking they were animals as hilarious dumb as that would be. Going into a rage and slaughtering a crap ton of animals who can't even hold malice in their actions makes it even worse. It shows just how little control Anakin has over himself and makes her decision to keep silent even more mind boggling.