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Solving For X
When you solve for an unknown, you isolate it.
bh - Skari, Crae, and crew
no spoilers

Striges - Rixik sending Skadge to his almost-certain death? Yesssssssss!!!! You can tell your friend that I really like his bounty hunter too

LogicLoup - Maneera waiting for word was so good in a oh-holy-crap-I-hope-I-never-go-through-that kind of way. Girl's been through the wringer, but she's got stubborness and fight in her.

Bright - I liked that Colran was so detail oriented even in a situation that he didn't really care about. Speaks volumes about the character. And it felt right that their meeting was slightly awkward. For someone who is more of an introvert finding stuff to talk about when you meet someone new is really hard.

Kabe - I loved how Grey found ways to live as Jedi should even though she wasn't. Loved it.
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