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Now there is a way for Revan to win this. But it would require a lot of things to line up perfectly.

First, Revan has to be able to quickly counter the Sith Assassins after their first strike. This is possible, but nothing is ever certain. If he can at least severely limit the Assassins capabilities, he can keep his fleet in shape.

Second, he has to keep his soldiers up to par psychologically. The threat of the Assassins still remains, which can cause psychological issues for the men. It is quite possible for Revan to keep his men sane.

Third, he has to take out the Ravager. The Ravager is Traya's greatest military weapon. If Revan can trap the Ravager and destroy it, he gains a huge step towards victory.

Fourth, he has to ensure the loyalty of his men. This is nearly impossible. Traya can use the Dark Side to manipulate a large faction of Revan's top officials over to her side, or even turn Revan's allies against him. If Revan can keep his men loyal, he takes another step towards victory.

Fifth, He needs the forces to take Malachor. This is not easy. The number of Sith at the Academy will not easily fall. If he can rally the necessary forces to attack Malachor, he can win.

Sixth, he has to be able to beat Traya. Again, not easy, almost impossible. In an all-out battle, Traya gets the benefit of Malachor's Dark energies in addition to her ability to Sever Force and drain Force. If Revan can beat her, it will be through lightsaber skill. But that didn't save Kavar, who is a better duelist than Traya in my opinion. Fighting Traya is an uphill battle and almost impossible to win.
Not ALL of those have to happen for Revan to achieve victory.

Besides, there are other ways (as I've argued and explained).

Also - Revan is more then capable of not only defending his men from the assassins, but he is capable of creating his own assassin group. How do we know this? Well, he created the group that Kreia is using, So in this since, Revan understands how to train/use these assassins at least as well as Kreia.

I'm going to try to sum up my argument here:
- Revan's men/fleet are more numerous
- Revan is a better tactician when it comes to legit battlefield tactics. Kriea says so herself.
- Revan's men are extremely loyal to him. The proof of this is in the fact that they turned due to him.
- Revan is capable of adopting assassin/guerilla warfare tactics due to being the guy who created Traya's assassins. Even if Revan doesn't create his own assassins, he is obviously knowledgable of this kind of warfare, and would find a way to defend his men from assassin techniques
- Revan has WAY better resources/logistics due to the Republic
- Revan (I think - not sure about this one) is better one-on-one then Kreia (however on Malachor V Kreia would win)

Revan for the win.

I realize some of you guys disagree with this, but I feel that this is legitamently canon-supported.

P.S. Sorry if I ever come off as pissed during this Kaggath. I'm simply deep in debate mode.