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Class balance is still completely atrocious. Will the development teams finally start using the Class Feedback threads to address major issues // design flaws that players have been discussing since launch and actually COMMUNICATE to those players that play that specific class?

The weak ones: DPS sorcs (Only a bubble hybrid is viable for competitive pvp play and even then it's extremely lack luster || PVE side of things are also still the weakest of the dps classes) || DPS Mercs (Go to their forum, you'll see the same threads posted repeatedly, just like the Sorc threads about how healing is the only viable spec. They're fine in the PVE environement.) || DPS operatives (For PVE, they're fine in pvp... lethality is debateable) and the "too strong" ones for pvp: Marauders/sents ((way too many team buffs + Burst makes them a necessity in both the raid environment and the rated wz environment)) -- HYBRID ASSASSIN/SHADOWS ((Honestly: This one still makes me crack up. A tank that can wear all DPS gear, gain all of the damage mitigation and still be able to crit for 4k+ with multiple moves)) - and LOLsmash Juggs//knights. (( 5-7k crit smashes//sweeps from a player not even targeting you? This has to change.)
Of all the questions that can be answered I sincerely hope you attempt to answer this mans, as he has hit a bullseye on almost every issue, except Powertechs/Vanguards.