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How about some Symbolic Logic... is that math?
Math: Rules of Inference

Modus Tollens (Latin for being in the mode of denying the antecedent in the conclusion)
If p then q.
Therefore if not q then not p.

Hypothetical Syllogism
If p then q.
If q then r.
Therefore if p then r.

Featuring Grey (Remi) after her first successful bounty.


Ack catching up on the comments:

@Irrissa I'm liking Randall already

@Magdalane I love your Corso and Miriah stories. I especially liked the beginnings for them. So sweet. (And chocolate chip pancakes? are you trying to make Corso my hero?)

@Striges DS Jaesa romance always came off as a little unhinged to me, but I do love your description and comparison to a bonfire the colors and scents worked perfectly into the scene.

Poor Jurial, I like the idea that the Jedi would be made to take care of mundane tasks to teach them humility and service. I wonder if they'd change the code regarding undergarments. There is no Victoria's Secret there is only Hanes.

I also like where you're going with Rixik and Kirya. Rixik is such a slippery bastard in this world but I still love his character, and good job getting rid of Gault (though I've never met him I have not found anyone who likes him).

Lastly holy cow that Sha'ra'zaed breakdown was awesome. I loved the breakdown of Timeframe to war, Personal Survival, and prognosis. A question about Sha'ra'zaed, this piece and the one with the ghost Watcher X on Hoth seem to show her ability to calculate things very precisely at a high rate of speed, is this a special talent of hers or simply the descriptions of things she knows instinctively?

@irishfino I like Ald's moods on a graph. Nobody wants sad Ald.

@Tatile Should I worry for my marriage that I must do taxes alone? "Can the Officer get a hug?" I love those two so much.

@thatghost I am not sure why but I don't think I commented on your post, I love any Scourge story, so yours evoked many happy squees from me.

@LogicLoup Maneera breaks my heart every time she's such a fighter though, I hope she finds some happiness eventually.

@bright_ephemera Ooh I like Gend. He's already got the Jedi twisting your words to frustration thing down.