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just a noob question
done TfB SM a few times now but didnt find a way to dissable the Datacores before the puzzle boss
if anyone done that could you tell me how plz
not that it is a problem i just like to know if you can dissable them ..probably with the clicky thingy behind them on the wall but everytime we try them it say you canot use them
You're best looking up the tactics on youtube, however if you notice you're all different colours and the centre and the button change colours to match. Ideally you want either a healer or tank in centre and dps on button so arrange your team in pairs of heal/tanks and dps when choosing colours at start.

When the colour changes to match a certain pair you need to make sure the healer/tank that matches that colour goes in centre and the dps that matches channels the button, this should bring down the shields to some of the datacores for a short period where you want the rest of the dps to focus on.
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Thats no moon... thats a CARTEL COIN!