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actually Star Wars and Toy Story are closer then you think. First off they are BOTH family fun adventure films. Remember 5 of the Star Wars movies are rated PG. (one of them even has poop jokes) The Prequels are animated films at these point with entire battle scenes completely done in a computer. The entire gungan vs the Battle droids battle is completely CG same with the Clones vs the Droids on Mustifar.

The special editions are getting close to be considered full animated films at this point with the crap ton of crappy cg animated stuff added.

Look at the main characters

Woody is esential Luke. Instead of the force Woody believes in Andy and working for Andy.
Buzz is Han.
Pig is R2D2
T-rex is C-3PO.

really Toy Story 3 IS a star wars movie. Just keep the plot the same and replace the places with alien worlds and there you go.'

edit: you are thinking of Splinter of the Minds Eye, the book sequel that Lucas had written.
First of all, I don't see much character connection with the examples you listed. Luke, for one, is a reluctant hero, joining the Alliance basically because the other option killed his family (remember, he wanted to head off to the Imperial Academy originally). Woody gladly takes a position of leadership among the toys, and is even threatened when Buzz comes along. Aside from being spacefaring, nothing strikes me as similar between Han and Buzz. What is the same between the droids and Ham and Rex, anyway?

The plot is also different. TS is essentially a friendship story that deals with overcoming negative emotions such as jealousy. SW is more of a heroics kind of a deal, with valiant, sword-wielding knights overcoming a black-clad villain.

Additionally, thanks for the help on remembering SotME.
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