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Tanking: Figure out a rotation that effectively manages your resource and puts out the most damage/threat possible. Damage = threat but threat =/= damage, there are some abilities (such as backhand) that generate a large amount of threat for less damage. You want to be a Juggernaut, first max out the Immortal tree. That is the tanking tree.

Crew Skills: If you don't know what you're doing, read your Codex for each crew skill. If you're an unguilded tank, Biochem would be a wise investment for the reusable stims and medpacks. The matching skills are diplomacy and bioanalysis. Level up all 3 skills and RE greens to blues to purples. If you're not interested in medpacks or crafting, grab one of the mission skills in demand (I'd probably go with Diplomacy) one of the gathering skills in demand (Scavenging or Bioanalysis) and Slicing.