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11.27.2012 , 05:40 PM | #9
1. Are there any plans to implement post character creation changes /customizations? i.e. I used body type 2, I want to change it to 3 even though I am level 18, etc. This could be a cartel coin thing, or an account pay thing like that other game uses. It will also bring me to even more changes, male to female, faction changing etc. All of this can be done in other games and I think it could help the game a lot.

2. There are a lot of people who want to see combat changes to be more like some of the newer games, more dynamic, action oriented. Are there any planned or under consideration combat changes? Active dodge etc.

3. Are there plans to open up F2P more, I have heard and read a lot of complaints that's its way to restrictive to really entice people to try the game.

4. What are the plans with Space? Will you ever open it up to being more of an open/ explore thing instead of the current design? I thought I had read early on this was a plan. I feel making space more dynamic and fleshed out could be a great thing.

5. Ships. Do you have any plans to offer new/ different ships for the classes? Some of the ships are amazing, but some...not some much.. cough 'trooper ship please change it' cough

6. Any chance you will be adding the Togruta race anytime soon?