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Another thing to note about Scourge is that he is immortal (although to me the Emperor's and Scourge's kind of Immortality is more immune from aging than Superman). No, I don't mean that in a "well of course he is, he has been alive for 330 + years" sense, I mean you need to understand that on a deeper level to get inside his head to see why he stays. When you get to live for forever, time begins to lose its meaning as it would for a mortal being. Of course there is the unfulfilled vision aspect, but Scourge has a lot of patience and I doubt he would mind staying around a bit to see if anything happens with regard to the Emperor. Nor do I think he minds getting to take a look at the way the Republic and Jedi function. He can wait a long time to see what happens when it comes to the Emperor, he did wait 300 years for the Jedi Knight after all.