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Beni said that people like Malak, Karath, and Sion wouldn't be in the fight.
Then Traya is down one pawn and Revan is down half of his command structure, his effectiveness just took a big hit.

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I feel that Revan's men are too loyal to him (he's the one that turned them in the first place) to go to Traya's side easily. Revan's men (for the most part) just aren't gonna turn easily.

Also (I fell), Revan is too good a leader to let his fleet fall into this utter chaos that you've suggested.
But Revan hasn't turned his men yet, they have never even been to Malachor V, Traya would be able to easily cripple his chain of command and remove his best generals, etc... leavimg him with no way to properly command his vast forces, it turns into a war of attrition where Revan's forces aren't going to get their supplies when needed, he isn't going to be around to command all of them at the same time AND his men are going to be wondering where entire divisions disappeared to overnight.

Revan is currently in a logistical nightmare that Traya will only ever make worse, his best generals/admirals were part of the reason he was so successful, then when Jedi start filling up Traya's forces, she starts have the force user numbers advantage, with Jedi turning to the Malachor teachigngs that had the Jedi destroyed in the first place.

Basically, the size of Revan's fleet is it's weakness, eventually he will be left with two choices, go turtle mode or attack full on, the first idea won't work because Traya would have already ground down the forces that Revan commanded, the second leads to the utter destruction of his fleet.

Revan is the Erwin Rommel here, but Traya is the Albert Speer, she can make something out of nothing.