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and bioware would never know XD

heck at one point this morning there were less than 100 people on. The entire server, imperial side. I did a /who when i meant to do a who for fleet, noticed there was only 93 people XD

not on fleet
Thats becuase first off no search will ever return more than 100 results and will often return less than that 88 being the number i get a lot, I tested this on my one character on PoT5 i di a search for "knight" during prime time and got all of 87 results for PoT5 during primetime, searches are a terrible way to judge server population.

Besides I dont see the appeal of PoT5 all the stuff I have seen or read about Pot5 recently is about horrid players ridiculus faction imbalance. And F2P really boosted our population, not just with noobs but old subcribers coming back, as stated in my earlier post BW should allow voluntary transfer INTO jung ma none going out, a trickle of incoming players is just what we need - no big changes or merges.

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