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I'm confused why people think Traya would win... sorry Beni. :P

1.)Traya doesn't have a Fleet.
She didn't in KOTORII. The last I heard, Nillius was not working for Traya, but against her....

2.)Traya doesn't have an Army, she has Assassins.
Assassin that were all killed in one fell swoop by Meetra. I would assume Revan could kill them all himself, and if not him, than other Jedi.
P.S. Sleep deprevation and paranoia don't loose wars.

3.)Traya doesn't have a Power Base
She has no allies. None. Revan has the Jedi Order, Republic, and all it's allied worlds ready to support him. This is still a Kaggath, aka, powerbase battle.

4.) Traya doesn't have a Battle Stragegy
Traya is, wait for it, the Lord of Betrayal. She works from the shadows, plotting and planning. She betrays people, she doesn't run up and attack them with her lightsaber. If she is exposed and in an all-out war, she will loose her main advantage: secrecy.

5.) Traya has no way to Kill Revan
Assassins? Doubtful. 1v1 battle? I don't think Traya would do that, and if she did, Revan has the power to defeat her... I think. Cut off from the Force? Maybe, but Traya is awefully fond of Revan. "Heart of the Force" and whatnot. She might hestitate, and that would be it.

Traya has too many things working against herself. Nevermind Revan's forces, she isn't cut out for war period.
1) Nihilus' powerbase is Traya's powerbase. Though we cannot use Nihilus, his forces are still hers both at the beginning and the end of the Sith Triumverate.

2) Meetra Surik cannot be used, and the only reason she was able to defeat the Sith Assassins was because of her insensitivity to the force. That is explained after her first encounter with the assassins aboard the harbinger.
P.S. Yes it does. Learn a bit of Military history, paranoia, sleep deprivation, terrorism all have huge psychological impacts on wars.

3) Darth Traya has both Nihilus and Darth Sion on her side, as well as their power bases. We aren't allowed to use the other two Sith Lords but we are allowed access to their power bases. If this were a valid argument then I could also argue that Revan has no allies because his forces become darksiders and eventually he's just a hermit on a Rakata super weapon with just a few Jedi and Republic supporters.

4) No. Deception, betrayal, -stealth- are all effective weapons during wartime. She is the Lord of Betrayals because she has been betrayed, betrayed much more than she betrays, in fact. She is a cunning sith, her mind is her greatest asset, not her shtick for betrayal.

5) Yes, assassins because of their ability to easily kill Force Adepts, Meetra excluded because of her condition. This is a hypothetical battle scenario, meaning we can cut out the hesitation, cut out her fondness for Revan. At any rate, even if that were a valid point, everything Traya has done has been deliberate and without hesitation. Her decisiveness is one of her more memorable qualities.

She was the death of the Jedi Order and Revan's teacher. More than a match for him.