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What server are you on?

You see them in General occasionally, advertising for new members. You can also ask on General if any are recruiting.
Don't be afraid to join a guild, it doesn't cost you anything.

If you are levelling with your companion, don't worry so much about drawing and holding aggro, that is more for Flashpoints and Operations where you have other player roles (healer, dps,dps).

Most 'mobs' consist of a strong and 2 or 3 standard/weak npc's (npc = non-player character). Target/kill the weaker ones first. Try not to pull more than one mob at a time.

Make sure you have the right gear (heavy with strength mods). Same goes for your companion (check their main stat for what they need).

Crew Skills:
Visit your crew skill trainer to learn new schematics. More will come available as your crafting skill increases. Most of the stuff you create is 'green'. You reverse engineer greens to get blue schematics (takes between 1 and 20 re's on average. The math wiz's at bw think this means 20%). You reverse engineer blues to get purples. You send your companions on missions to either increase your mission/gathering skill or to try to get necessary materials for something you want to build. If you try to balance crew skills with crafting, you probably won't be able to make better items until you get closer to level 30. Don't try to make everything, just pick what you think you will need and work on that. For example, start crafting the Might hilts and re-ing them to build up your crafting skills. Note that you can also re some loot for mats.