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11.27.2012 , 05:15 PM | #41
Traya does what she does best, manipulates Revan's best men, generals and Jedi, then turn them on him, chaos is sown through the Republic, all the while the Sith are killing off or corrupting the Jedi whilst Revan is busy fighting himself, I think that Traya could easily manipulate Malak into betraying Revan, I think she could also manipulate Karath and the others into throwing the Republic fleet into a paranoid delusion.

It would be very easy and very effective, the only question now is, is Sion allowed here? if he is, then he is another pawn that would very effectively kill any and all Jedi he came across, including Jedi Knight Revan.

I also believe that Traya herself could easily dispatch Jedi Knight Revan, she would play her mind games and could use some simple one-hit kill powers like Sever Force, Force Drain and other things, I can see her overwhelming him rather simply, many people vastly underestimate Traya's power.