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I'm confused why people think Traya would win... sorry Beni. :P

1.)Traya doesn't have a Fleet.
She didn't in KOTORII. The last I heard, Nillius was not working for Traya, but against her....

2.)Traya doesn't have an Army, she has Assassins.
Assassin that were all killed in one fell swoop by Meetra. I would assume Revan could kill them all himself, and if not him, then other Jedi.
P.S. Sleep deprevation and paranoia don't loose wars.

3.)Traya doesn't have a Power Base
She has no allies. None. Revan has the Jedi Order, Republic, and all it's allied worlds ready to support him. This is still a Kaggath, aka, powerbase battle.

4.) Traya doesn't have a Battle Stragegy
Traya is, wait for it, the Lord of Betrayal. She works from the shadows, plotting and planning. She betrays people, she doesn't run up and attack them with her lightsaber. If she is exposed and in an all-out war, she will loose her main advantage: secrecy.

5.) Traya has no way to Kill Revan
Assassins? Doubtful. 1v1 battle? I don't think Traya would do that, and if she did, Revan has the power to defeat her... I think. Cut off from the Force? Maybe, but Traya is awefully fond of Revan. "Heart of the Force" and whatnot. She might hestitate, and that would be it.

Traya has too many things working against herself. Nevermind Revan's forces, she isn't cut out for war period.
I agree with you completely EXCEPT about Traya's fleet. Nihliius' fleet would have been her's during this Kaggath. So she does have a army. Just not a big one.