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Hmm...what spec is the sent? If he's combat, that blows the idea that it's using weapon damage out of the water. If it's watchman, there could still be some weirdness such as the internal relic using tech damage or something.

I'd like to see what a pyro merc or van parses with a dread guard internal proc relic.

I've got a van tank I could respec, but, alas, no DG relic until I get the schem on my artifice.
Yeah, I've tried to sift through some parses on torparse 'statistics' but haven't been lucky enough to find one (wish you could separate NiM and HM with torparse statistics) with the new relics. I'll keep looking. I would also like to see a BH/trooper or a shadow/sin parse to see how the crit is affected. I do have a sin but i dont think i have enough coms to buy the relic just yet. Maybe i'll grind some and see if i can figure it out in the next few days... assuming i can sell it back after the testing since i want the tanky ones first ><.

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I'm wondering if, perhaps, the similar damage type relics (internal/elemental) use the crit rate for different attack types. As in, if a force user were to use the elemental relic instead of the internal one, would it crit correctly?
excellant question
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