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I would agree with you that Revan COULD NOT beat Traya one-on-one at Malachor V. But he wouldn't have to do that.

Let's review the points we've made:

Revan's army is likely larger then Kreia's
Revan is a better leader WHEN it comes down to legit battles
Traya will likely use her assassins rather then get into a legit battle
Traya will likely stay at Malachor V - where Revan couldn't beat Traya in a duel do to the whole darkside nexus thing

Revan has a significant logistical advantage. Remember: he's commanding the Republic army - which (obviously) is owned by the Republic. The Republic is FAR more capable then Traya's empire when it comes to trade/resources and stuff. The Republic has been around for thousands of years, while Traya's army has only been around a few years. Traya purely commands an army, not (many) citizens. Citizens = money. Money = good.

So in a prolonged war, Revan's army will be much better off then Traya's. In fact, instead of engaging Traya at her base (Malachor V), Revan could simply wait/starve her out. So in a prolonged war, I believe Revan wins it due to logistics.
Well, obviously Revan is going to win the prolonged battle. But Traya, wise as she is, knows this and would do what she can to defeat Revan's forces with the people she has. Traya can mobilize assassins to infiltrate Revan's forces and wear them down. The threat of infiltration impacts an army greater than the actual infiltration. All that needs to be there is the possibility for Traya's assassins to be lurking and the Republic soldiers will slowly go mad.

Revan would win a prolonged war, but that doesn't mean that it will happen. If Revan tried to wait her out, he would see his troops slowly fall apart. Traya would turn Revan's strategy against him.
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