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11.27.2012 , 03:27 PM | #58
The list of vanishing schematics in synthweaving is very short today because I'm hesitating to craft a lot, so for today;
Fervor Acolyte Sash(Purple) is no longer present. Sinds I discovered the bug the total until now is still about 15 recipes. On the support forum I received a YELLOW answer telling me the issue is known and it will be patched in ONE OF THE FOLLOWING MAINTENANCES. Wow....., because it isn't patched out this time we can expect it to take at least another 2 I'm wondering if Bioware and EA are deliberatly ruining this game? When you read the support forum the latest patch adds only a lot more problems to a game that at certain points is already a mess. When this is continuing it will be certainly without me (paying or non-paying)