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11.27.2012 , 03:25 PM | #40
Quote: Originally Posted by Donalj View Post
We had a sage DPS as one of the runners and his DPS was fine (hovering around 1700).
I can vouch that 1700+ DPS is easily achievable while kiting tanks on this fight. While it varied for me at times, being in an inspiration group and NOT using adrenals, I still pulled off 1700-1750 multiple times. I admit I had some bad runs where I'd dip to 1500 or so - it all depends on how well I am cycling my dots between the two tanks. I am full Balance for this fight and am now very familiar with FF's Sage's hybrid build ;p Obviously that extra dot lets me do a little extra DPS.

We haven't killed in 16 man yet like you guys, but thought it was worth throwing out there for discussion purposes.