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Play nice now. While admittedly a flame war would make this thread my most popular to date - I don't want to cause any injury.

The problem here however with your argument is that your taking it more as a 1v1 battle, rather than a large scale Kaggath. There is more to consider than just Revan's power in the Force etc. I agree that Revan could best Traya, but he has to best her forces first. And on that field she can bring her other talents to bear. (Also any fight between these two would probably occur at Malachor - where Traya would have the advantage)

Well than I probably agree with BrandonSM on how he said it but really I am kinda unsure .

If Traya had full access which you took away , she would undoubtably win .
Sion would even eventually wear Revan down , there is no defense against someone that can literally keep coming at you and not die or weaken.
Nihilus would likely Beat Revan with his seemingly infinite ForceLightning , Force Sever , Force Drain .................but I am unsure of this only Because I cannot argue Revan's Abilities to defend against such skills.

As for Traya sith assassins , they were Revan's before they were hers . Its one of the many Reasons Revan gained control over the Republic so fast. So how do we compair the Same Assassins ?

I do not remember Traya having a Fleet , but we know Revan did .
Matter of Fact , Nihilus was rolling around in one of Revan's ships .

So really I cannot see how Traya would be able to defend herself outside of Nihilus and Sion which are her Golden boys that would undoubtably win the fight for her without question or as of yet because Drew sucked at putting forth Canon Abilities unlike Chris or whomever that Wrote KotoRII who wasted no time getting the Exile all Cannoned up.

I honestly believe if this is going to be a battle of Resources Nihilus and Sion should count and matter , not to argue the rules .

Edit . Now to think of it , this fight is kinda hard to put into place being the reasons the Republic was like it was at the time was
A. Revan's Empire
B. Malek's Empire
C. Nihilus and Sion finishing off everything else .

Maybe I am not giving Traya enough credit as she was a Teacher to Revan , Sion , Nihilus and the Exile .
I do think she is powerful and wise , and I love her character , I just do not see the winning edge unless we add in her two then Apprentices Nihilus and Sion .
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