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Woot Aurbere's "Revan is the worst weakest Hero of all time" and Masterme the defender !

Revan wins clearly.

Darth Traya was not that Powerful compaired to her Apprentices , not more powerful than certainly Nihilus , not of Sion , not of The Exile Meetra Surik , and not of Revan Period,

She was "A" Master of Revan and she was linked as such when she arrived at Macachor V , not because she was better . You have to remember they all though Revan was either dead or gone , at the time they were looking for someone of his level to lead them .
Exile if she was evil and arrived before Traya would have been that person .

Darth Traya is clearly not a WEAK or just Average Force User but in this , on a battle field of just the two . Revan would likely make her a freak like he did Malek .

She was a twister , a person who came in and tried to get in your head to show you what she see and how she want you to see it . Her Training to Revan is recordedly not of skills or powers but how the outlook of the Force and how he should think of those below him .
If you read all of Revan's lore in KotoR I and II , she taught him that the weaker were unworthy to live . He often displayed that when he would either convert a Jedi or kill them .

She practically worshiped Revan and everything he was and the only person compairable in her eyes was the Exile Meetra Surik . It is highly Doubtful with Darth Traya's way of thinking that she would of put Revan on such a Pedestal if he was weaker than her .
I know shes not really a Sithlord but most Sithlords do not like beings weaker than them , most do not respect Apprentices that are unable to kill them one day .

So in the end this thread is highly likely again underrate Revan and put him below every Forceuser of his time by the large population of Revan Haters .
Play nice now. While admittedly a flame war would make this thread my most popular to date - I don't want to cause any injury.

The problem here however with your argument is that your taking it more as a 1v1 battle, rather than a large scale Kaggath. There is more to consider than just Revan's power in the Force etc. I agree that Revan could best Traya, but he has to best her forces first. And on that field she can bring her other talents to bear. (Also any fight between these two would probably occur at Malachor - where Traya would have the advantage)


(basically I couldn't care less if you think your opponents are biased, haters, fanbois - when this debate is over I shall be choosing the winner based on the merits of your argument)