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Traya beats Revan in space battle.

I swear you come to every thread and disagree with whatever Aurbere or Rayla says. Calling them Luke Fanboys or whatever even though they give clear facts.
Just because you guys openly agree with eachother and often bend to eachothers so called facts does not make them facts . I believe it is often called Strength in numbers .

Benboiling(Butchered the spelling) at least argues with some facts and evidence.
I calls it as it is , I do not need a group to give what I say anymore fact than what you guys do .
I am sure If I dug back far enough I can get you , Rayla , ProfessorWalsh.........all calling me a Revan Fanboy.
So in the end , what you consider facts have been often extremely Biased Opinion.
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