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Woot Aurbere's "Revan is the worst weakest Hero of all time" and Masterme the defender !

Revan wins clearly.

Darth Traya was not that Powerful compaired to her Apprentices , not more powerful than certainly Nihilus , not of Sion , not of The Exile Meetra Surik , and not of Revan Period,

She was "A" Master of Revan and she was linked as such when she arrived at Macachor V , not because she was better . You have to remember they all though Revan was either dead or gone , at the time they were looking for someone of his level to lead them .
Exile if she was evil and arrived before Traya would have been that person .
******We have to remember She was a Jedi Master to him , which if you read his lore he had many . She did open his eyes unlike the others and gave him the type of thinking that we seen him have in "FOUNDRY" , but over all being someones Master as a Jedi is nothing on the page of being someones Master as a Sith or Darkjedi .......AND YOU KNOW THIS MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN !******
Darth Traya is clearly not a WEAK or just Average Force User but in this , on a battle field of just the two . Revan would likely make her a freak like he did Malek .

She was a twister , a person who came in and tried to get in your head to show you what she see and how she want you to see it . Her Training to Revan is recordedly not of skills or powers but how the outlook of the Force and how he should think of those below him .
If you read all of Revan's lore in KotoR I and II , she taught him that the weaker were unworthy to live . He often displayed that when he would either convert a Jedi or kill them .

She practically worshiped Revan and everything he was and the only person compairable in her eyes was the Exile Meetra Surik . It is highly Doubtful with Darth Traya's way of thinking that she would of put Revan on such a Pedestal if he was weaker than her .
I know shes not really a Sithlord but most Sithlords do not like beings weaker than them , most do not respect Apprentices that are unable to kill them one day .

So in the end this thread is highly likely again underrate Revan and put him below every Forceuser of his time by the large population of Revan Haters .
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