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12.13.2011 , 01:25 PM | #5
my preorder was registered on swtor until today - it now says i have to redeem my code, but the game is still registered as preordered on Origin...

...which failed to authenticate my login, i retried to login, and now i'm locked out of origin as well - because when i tried to manually log in to Origin, apparently my password doesn't work (but it works for all of EA's sites?!) and when i've now tried to reset 11 times, still doesn't get me logged in.

and when i try to use my redemption code again on swtor (since the account doesn't list as having pre-order redeemed) it says that the code is already used.

gee, YEAH, I KNOW, i redeemed it a while ago; why is my status UN-REDEEMED all of a sudden, anyway?!
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