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Well, keep in mind that you are really talking about gunslinger vs commando when you say that, as the vanguard and scoundrel are really melee classes that have a few ranged powers. With that said, its really a matter of taste. I have played a gunslinger, commando and a BH mercenary and enjoyed all 3 - the BH merc is my main empire side in fact. My preference is the gunslinger or merc over the commando but that is based more on the look of the characters in play - I prefer dual pistols (which both GS and Merc use) over the assault cannon and I prefer the bounty hunter animations over trooper.

Play wise the commando is likely to be the easier class you play - you get your healer a lot earlier (balmorra) which makes the ride after that a lot smoother and you don't have to play games with cover, which complicate the gunslinger play a lot. A GS also has a LOT more attacks and a far more complicated attack sequence. I suspect a properly played GS will probably do more damage though, especially if you go are specced into sharpshooter.

If you have the time and space on your account I would actually suggest trying both and play at least through coruscant - you need to get to the mid teens at least, if not to L20, to get a real feel for both classes.