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Malachor V aside, I feel that Revan has the upper hand.

When it comes to tech and pure manpower, Revan has the edge. Traya just doesn't seem to be any good at open warfare. Granted she would end up making a plan to use her assassins and such, but if a legit battle was ever necessary, chances are she lose badly. She is very dependant on the force.

Back to the size of their armies. I am know pretty sure that Revan's army would indeed outnumber Traya's significantly. This makes since due to the style of warfare that Nihilius fights during KOTOR 2. His army is lurking in the shadows and all that stuff. Revan was battling the Sith in an all-out war. It seems that Revan's army would be much bigger. On top of this (like I said earlier), Revan is a better tactician when it comes down to battles and stuff. Kreia is a plotter. While I'm sure she could hold her own in a battle, she'd be hard-pressed to beat Revan. Because of this, she'd have to use different tactics. Options win wars, and Traya doesn't have really have the option to engage in a all-out battle with Revan.