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“No game of dejarik can be won without pawns...”

Round 3: Darth Traya vs Revan

Welcome to the third instalment of the ‘Kaggath vs Series’ in which I’ll be pitting the power bases of iconic Star Wars characters against each other.

In the last battle, Prince Xizor vs Tyber Zann, after a drawn out conflict of bribes, backstabbing and orbital bombardment – the prince emerged as the victor thanks to his expansive intelligence network and bottomless pockets. But on to round three.

For all those of you aren’t aware, the Kaggath is an ancient rite of the Sith, ‘one part duel, one part large-scale dejarik-match’. The two combatants have full use of their power bases, be it armies, strongholds or fleets, in order to outwit and outmanoeuvre their opponent. The Kaggath is no simply lightsaber duel, although it can come down to one, and the arena can be anywhere: a planet, star system or the entire galaxy.

Before we begin, let’s just go over the ground rules again:

  • The arena: the known galaxy.
  • No outside help of any kind, the combatants cannot call upon assets outside their power base, or other prominent powers. This excludes allies of the era, i.e. Darth Sion & Nihilus, Meetra Surik, Alek/Malak, Saul Karath.
  • No outside involvement, other powers will not and cannot interrupt or affect the battle, for the purpose of argument they are non-existent.
  • No surrender, fight to the death!
  • No superweapons, e.g. Mass Shadow Generator, Darth Nihilus.
  • Technology level is universal: blaster fire, armouring, lightsabers etc. is all the same regardless of period, all that matters is size, quantity and power.
  • Use your imagination: obviously these powers existed in different time frames, but let’s just pretend.

So, the combatants: the master vs the student. Darth Traya was a master manipulator, highly knowledgeable and skilled with a lightsaber and the Force. Revan was a talented strategist, and all round exceptional Jedi. (Not Sith, this is pre-Jedi Civil War)

Traya has the forces of Darth Revan’s remnant Empire, including a legion of deadly assassins. And Revan has the forces of the Galactic Republic and the Revanchists (may I make clear that the Revan in this battle is the Revan of the Mandalorian Wars – and his power base is all that he had command over during the said conflict) But who would win? Has the student surpassed the master or is he very much still the learner?

Let the Kaggath begin!

Victor: Darth Traya