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skipping has gotten to be the norm with the group finder and it is here to stay unless content is designed around it.

we can say and do all we want but this games design has caused many etiquette issues in its player base. some of these were brought in from other mmos whose mechanics were copied. others are from players from them.

the problem is people just dont care about the other three in the group and only about themselves. we do have a ignore and i do like to use it. i will also post on our guild forums' black list such players with their legacy and guild. but for me, as i am some what a old school player, i still want to enjoy my run. i dont need the gear and i dont need the bh coms i just do it for fun. racing isnt fun for me and from what i gather nor for many others. ya i have been doing the hms since FEBRUARY, have five 50s with four bh geared out and still enjoy the zones, cut scenes and runs. guess what if i dont have the time for a run i dont queue up for one.

but for now gearing up a new 50 toon is rather difficult for them. this is the issue at hand. how can this game add new subscribers when they get to a end game full of selfish players racing through a zone taking less time than you had in the queue? it wont. i know i have been that player in another mmo and it was a deal breaker. it was also for those few people i was playing with too.

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