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11.27.2012 , 12:22 PM | #33
For anyone trying the DPS taunt off for incinerate method, I found that setting SC as a focus target and taunting immediately after the DD cast was the best timing. You'll always get incinerate and 9/10 times you won't take a hit from FB itself.

1 thing that hasn't been mentioned about this fight is how cost prohibitive it is. This fight is flat out expensive. I didn't watch any other videos of it so I can't speak for MoX or FF, but I know that in Chosen adrenals were absolutely necessary to meet the DPS requirements of the fight. The enrage timer is just long enough to be able to fit 3 in (cause yeah, you're gonna hit enrage). Even if you have guild biochems cranking them out the cost in mats will still be enormous.