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it's cool bro i think only 2 guilds have killed Kephess yet so, it is wut it is. Best of luck to your guilds progression and congratz to who ever got their kill on Saturday Night
2 guilds empire side right? We have been going at Kephess for exactly 2 nights now and are having trouble with the 2 DPS and healers working in the field during warrior phase. painstakingly repeating the same deaths until people get used to what killed them. we will try a new strategy tonight... We were able to 2 shot the first 3 bosses when we attempted NiM EC the day before thanksgiving (with a more ranged lineup). But then swapped to a more melee lineup for kephess after the long weekend... and ironically it's been giving us more trouble. Will swap people and roles tonight and see if this group can handle certain situations better.
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