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11.27.2012 , 12:01 PM | #9
It has always been my theory that if you plan to solo the quest lines to L50 you can't be a "pure" tank. The reason is if you are a truly pure tank you need a dps with you (you wont last forever) and a healer, and you can only have one comp at a time, so... I have a Jugg I took through and I call him a tank, but he does some good dps so he is kind of mixed. This allows me to go out with almost any comp. I actually never use the healer.

Now, as I get more into advanced post-L50, there is much more group content, so I might have to re-plan and organize to a pure tank which is what is needed in groups since others will heal/dps. You will be getting new gear anyways so you will take off you "up to 50" PvE stuff.

So, during leveling up, (as stated), every strength point counts, then crit, surge and power. I do carry a shield so I try to get shield enhancements when I can. All heavy armor. I personally love oranges, so I am all orange shells.

Play, you are it, so jump in. Your comp should be ranged dps or healer. I rather take ranged dps. Or, I have that sith girl (dark side) well outfitted and take her, between us we put down the groups so fast the healer isn't needed. I used to play with vette, but then a married her so I rather she stay cleaning the ship :-) lol j/k

This was my first toon, I have learned a lot since. Yet, I was able to get to L50 with 98% solo play. And I don't consider myself a good player.
I don't know if this is a Sith thing, but at the beginning of every game conversation my first thought is "You are so dead"...