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11.27.2012 , 11:02 AM | #1
Hi all,

I've started tanking again after a break of around 3-4 months and it's fun to do the new instance with 'old' gear and still do fine but I have a question about parsers.
Is there a parser out there that will display the entire fight, attack by attack, heal by heal?
My raid is using MOX for dps as it lets you group up parsers and I'm using Fryingtime for the overall data of the fight it gives but I don't have anything telling me what happened in a step by step fashion, showing all abilities which influence you.

Also, the general consensus on the new relics seems to be proc absorb + proc heal, then proc heal + def on use/WH def once you get 63 mods and absorbtion gains curve off. Is that right? Or is it still personal preference.
I'm an assassin tank with optimized 61 gear.
And last question, when using a proc absorbtion relic, is it ok to add [(6/20 or 6/21)*absorb bonus value] to your total absorbtion when calculating stat weight or am I offending the gods of math? (6/21 being more realistic value of the proc rate).

Thank you for your time if you answer!