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The loot you get from LI HM is the valuable teamwork and communication skills (Along with understanding your role in a team) that will allow you to eventually complete operations. Every other FP gives you decent amounts of loot, but the difficulty of these FP's make you believe that you are some sort of god in SWTOR. Lost Island gives you a piece of rakata and columi that aren't easy to get if you don't do ops, as well as teaching you how to do a mini-op. Oh and also it gives you 8 BH comms a week. The droid is difficult to beat, but if you can master the mechanics of that, then you are one step closer to completing a harder op.

Stop complaining, play the game as it comes to you.
NM EV and KP are easier than LI HM, even HM of these 2 are easier to some people.