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11.27.2012 , 10:26 AM | #1270
Quote: Originally Posted by Doomsdaycomes View Post
Are you a dev of this game?
Do you know the current matchmaking code?
Do you have facts and data to prove that the current matchmaking is working?

Since the answer is probably no, the truth is that -real- matchmaking would fix the problem. I do not know what system is in place now, but from my experience it grabs the first 16 people in the queue and puts them together. This is how double premades manage to get on the same team vs 8 pugs. If the system matched by some criteria (gear, valor, win/loss ratio, HGA, Medal Ratio, etc...) and had enough population (Cross server queue's) queue times would be low, and balance would be high.

And I'm sick of people claiming players like me, who organize, learn the game, and coordinate don't want competition. It is solo people who don't want competition, or they would man (or woman) the **** up and take the simple steps to make themselves competitive.
Glad you couldn't answer any of my questions. Hence debunking everything you said to begin with.

Unlike you though, I don't go off speculation on the current matchmaking system. Like I said before, is a match being made? Then I guess it's working. Proved you wrong again.

Moving on, throwing a tantrum doesn't help you get your point across, so try to keep it reasonable. You want competition, go ranked.

Why can't you do ranked? Because it's too "hard".
Why is it too hard? Because most premades don't want the challenge.
So where do they go? Normal queues to pugstomp
What happens then? People don't queue up.
And then? You don't get new blood in pvp, you don't get potential new teams and you are left with a dead ranked bracket.

You may be all for competition but most premades aren't, so who really needs to start stepping it up? I thought so.