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If people want to play fisher-price pvp where they never want to meet anyone better geared or organized then they are not really ever going to be happy because in what world will that happen? Its a team based mode of play based on gear progression. Solo queue will not stop them meeting better players with better gear, it will not teach them to play as a team either and pvp is all about team work, not heroic rambos trying to make a difference on their own.
Nor being stomped into ground by a pre-made of seasoned players will teach a rookie how to play. Now that we defined the extremes can we please meet somewhere between those extremes? Plenty of suggestions have been thrown inside this very thread on how to improve the match making. Of one thing I'm sure the actual " mix everyone up" and just draw 16 randoms to start a match is getting senile and sometimes provide matches that are just simply fun absent. It might have been OK in the game's infancy but now at its puberty will just make the player base have tantrum fits .
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