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Okay This is a Post to the Founder of Star Wars or who ever can make this happen. I Kno a Future Making you need to make and i grantee you will make Billions haha. This is not a Troll. I'm just a big star wars fan and this would be the sickest thing in Gaming History. Okay First Has anyone Heard of Planetside 2. Okay if not i will explain. It's a free to play game on steam. Not advertising them what so ever. But give it a try and you will understand this post. Game is huge. Has 3000 Gamers per server. Big Maps, Big Battles, Alot of Customization, Free to play. Base Capturing or Defend can take Hours/Days. Goes Day, and Night like Real Time. It's an MMO/FPS. 3 Faction, and its based in the future tech. Best game i've played but graphics are kinda like a 5 out of 5. But amazing GamePlay.

OKAY NOW THE BIG PART - Star Wars needs to have a big like this. 3000 per server. Big Battles, Big Maps. Amazing Customization. Ofcourse Factions are already made. Empire or Republic. Classes can be made upp. Thinking a Jedi or Trooper for Republic, Even Sith's with Light Sabers for empire. Make it Free to play. Can have Ships for Air Combat. And Customization would be sick cause think about it. Say your infantry on the ground as a jedi. You would wanna custom like your Lightsaber or upgrade to double lightsaber. Shield Upgrades. Cloaking. And you would use Certification points to upgrade your stuff!!!

Like i said this ins't a troll. Just a fan of Star Wars and a Gamer with Money
Founder of StarWars name is George Lucas and he no longer works or controls anything StarWars , write EA Bioware !
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