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I tried World of Warcraft recently. I got a toon up to level 90 and I tried PvP, battlegrounds specifically since I needed to gear up. Anyone who thinks that cross-servers are a good idea, go play WoW. It's worth the money, because it will give you a new perspective.

I guess you could argue that the main issue with no cross-servers is premades. For someone who plays solo, it sucks to fight the same guilds over and over, when they have the clear advantage of voice chat. On that point, I agree. A few months ago I could play rather casually and without voice chat at any hour of the day.

However, I would never choose cross-servers over no cross-servers. The absence of cross-servers promotes communication and friendship/rivalries like nothing else. I dare say that the main reason I keep playing so many Warzones each and every day is because I know who's on the opposite faction and I want to beat them.

If we got cross-servers, I probably wouldn't give two *****s about who's in the opposite team. All of a sudden, Warzones would become a means to an end, and that is gearing up for Rated Warzones. And the only reason I'd do rated warzones is to fill up some e-peen ranking on a piece of paper. I don't see the appeal of that, at all. Not in comparison to what we have now.

I want to fight people that matter to me. This is an MMORPG. Everything should be about the community.
To bad the Devs saw it your way too, it cost them tons of've only lost face due to writing such crap..."people that matter to me" lol, then go fight family or have guild fights.
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