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11.27.2012 , 10:09 AM | #1265
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I don't want swtor pvp to die and I think it will if it stays as is so if x server isn't a possibility then I would go with split q at this point. However, if you do split q with the current system current premades will get in vent and q up at the same time and often get on the same team.

However, if we make a simple matchmaking system WITH MIXED FACTION TEAMS then that won't happen. Also, think about whether the times you are angry about premades are you really angry about only 1 premade? No, likely you are facing several different ones. This system would stop this and it would def stop the sync q which happens sometimes. With the lowered gear gap of 1.6 and if they did something like this I think our problems would be fixed. I would also be fine now with a wait of up to 10mins for premades. Hopefully it would be faster (and most of the time it would) but this way it would be pretty rare for premades to fight a pug (and I think more rare than it would be if we do split q because its pretty easy to game the current system)
I like this mixed faction idea and I fully support it. So far I support the following.

Cross server queue's
Solo bracket and group bracket
Mixed faction pvp. Maybe adjust for RP servers if you wish.