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Hey guys,

Knights of The First Order ( is a Republic factioned guild looking for more people to join in some operations group. While we are a casual PVE guild, we are looking to expand and looking for a few good people to run with in all types of events.

One of our squads, Lemmings Company (Progression group) is currently running on Tuesday nights (will add another day when time permits) from 6:30pm PST to 9:30 pm PST. More than likely will be running TFB (Story) for Weekly Comms (up to Dread Guard) and moving over to either TFB (Hard) or EC (Hard) for some progression.

Lemmings Company currently needing the following:

1 Tank
1 Healer
DPS (Could use 1 ranged and 1 melee)

The other squad running is Apache Squad (Casual) is currently running on Friday (6pm-9pm PST) and Sundays (2pm-5pm PST). Normally running through story mode ops for comm runs, possible to run into Hard with right configuration setup.

Apache Squad currently needing the following:

1 Tank
DPS (specifically need two ranged, and 1 melee)

For communications, we have a ventrilo server available for use (for ops runs and general knick knack in the guild).

We are setup to run with MOX for real time parsing and upload to Ask Mr Robot ( for tracking stats. Feel free to look up "The First Order" to see where we stand.

Please visit Knights of the First Order ( for more information.

On the TFO forums, contact JonnyMuck, LordEnrick, Jedial19, or Xen for more details.

Looking forward to meeting some new people. Happy hunting!

Knights of the First Order
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