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Scourge is sort of an odd fellow. He obviously follows you because you're the Jedi he saw in his vision 300 years ago as the one who would defeat the Emperor. He'll stay with you until he is certain there is nothing left of the Emperor. As he states, "I'll always be Sith, but that doesn't mean we can't help each other", so since they share a common enemy, he sticks around. Besides, I don't really think Scourge could go back that easily. He's committed high treason to the Empire and there's obviously another Emperor's Wrath out there now, who would probably hunt down Scourge if he/she was aware of Scourge (which he/she is not).

Then there's also the amusement factor. As Scourge notes in one of his companion dialogues, he enjoys trying to plant seeds of doubt and darkness in a light-sided Jedi Knight, trying to cultivate the strength of the Sith in him/her, though he states that he's doing that "purely for his own amusement".
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