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Yes i play on ToFN. Well at least the warrior that keps killing me and chasing around me any time i would leave the start zone was not "fart bombomg" warrior spec.

PS. I can't say i blame people playing that spec. Its a valid spec. We can't expect them to ignore a talet tree because BW can't get there **** in order but any warrior respecting himself is not going to use it, my oppinion.
You know, the more you cry (cuz that is really what you are doing, no matter what point you are convincing your self that you are trying to make, with your silly "matchmaking" comments), on the forums, the more ppl are gonna recognize you in warzones, and tunnel your as*. I for once have now read 3 posts, where you; again cry, and personally adding you to my, tunnel the "FU** out of" list. Please fill in the following details:

What time of day do you play?
Do you que only for normals?
Do you like Crosshair, Lightning, Star og Cog wheel?
Do you ever do dailys?
Do you have alt? in case what nick and level?
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