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K I as usual have no idea if this is the right place for this but if not sorry

Well as the thread name says who do you want to see in the game of real life people, this is just for the fun of it and to see who we want? And as what class?

Those that I want to see are these:

Hugh Jackman: cause he is a complete ****** and he is so cool as the "Wolverine" Would fit as a Sith warrior or Jedi Knight.

Wesley Snipes: same as above but as "Blade" Class: Bounty hunter.

Jet Li: I love his matial arts would fit well as a Jedi.

Jackie Chan: He is so funny that i almost gets a heart attack and i am 20 years old =). His class would be a smuggler with some martial arts.

Arnold Schwarzenegger One of my most favorite actors of all next to hugh Jackman. His class would be either Jedi guardian or Trooper.

Who do you guys want to see as characters in the game Any real life persone can be included =)
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